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Specialized Tools

While we are a full-service research company, we have found that the key to success begins with establishing the right strategic target and fully understanding that target across many dimensions. 

As such, we offer specialized consumer insight tools that can help define, understand, and connect with "the who".

A method to behaviorally define consumer groups, size them, and identify your best target.

Having a strong consumer strategy that aligns with business goals is critical.  WhoScope helps identify the strongest consumer target based on consumer behavior and size of the opportunity.  Our methodology gives insight into who your consumer target should be and what behaviors are needed in order achieve your volume objectives with that group.


An approach to gain deep attitudinal insights from key consumer groups.

This approach allows you to truly understand your consumer across many facets of their lives.  You will not only gain information about how, when, and where your product or service is used, but you will better understand how your product fits into their lives.  WhoWise provides a wholistic view of your consumer to understand not only what they do, but also the beliefs and motivations that drive their actions. 


A method to crystallize underlying motivations and beliefs behind consumers' behaviors for stronger communication.

WhoConnect is a method that allows you to connect with your consumer through a core insight and meaningful language.  It is a worksession that dives deep into the motivations behind your target consumers' behavior to understand how your product can be best linked to their higher order desires. WhoConnect pinpoints the strongest and most relevant consumer insights to help drive marketing communication. 


A system for capturing key strengths and identifying the most critical barriers limiting growth.

The WhoJourney process is a workshop that takes your team through the full consumer experience for your product or service, identifying strengths and barriers throughout the consumer journey.  The WhoJourney ultimately identifies the most critical

issues impeding growth for your specific target and provides the clarity needed to change consumer behavior and realize growth objectives. 



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