The "Who" of

Both Claire and Sarah are classically trained market researchers who hold Master's degrees from the University of Wisconsin Madison's A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research.

Their classical training combined with over 30 years of professional experience give them a unique perspective, research expertise, and results-orientation that sets them apart from other Marketing Research professionals.

Claire Mazzeo-Gnau

Claire has a passion for using consumer understanding to drive business growth.  She is a problem solver and excels at design, analysis and storytelling with the use of both quantitative and qualitative data.  Claire first became interested in marketing research way back in high-school.  She followed that interest with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and then a specialized master’s degree in marketing research from the UW Madison.  Claire had a long, successful career at Kraft Foods, beginning as an analyst and eventually leading the Consumer Insights and Strategy function for Kraft’s meat division.  Some of Claire’s favorite tools include consumer segmentation and ethnography, but she prides herself on designing the right research for the right business issue, regardless of the approach. 


Claire lives in the Madison area with her husband and 4 daughters.  The family stays busy with kids’ sports including basketball, volleyball and Irish dance and the family loves to travel.  If Claire weren’t a consumer insights professional, she would be a professional volunteer.  She is active in several organizations in the Madison area and banks a countless number of volunteer hours each year.


Sarah Becker

As someone who excels at both analytics and understanding people, marketing research is the perfect fit for Sarah.  She received her undergraduate degree in Economics from Northwestern University and worked in the benefits consulting industry before heading to the University of Wisconsin - Madison for her M.B.A. in Marketing Research.  After graduating, she began work as an analytics analyst at Kraft Foods Oscar Mayer.  Throughout the years she worked on both base business and new products on many categories including Bacon, Hot Dogs, and Cold Cuts, but especially enjoyed her time on the Lunchables and P3 businesses as the Director of Consumer Insights.  She particularly enjoys projects in which she really "gets to know" the consumer both qualitatively and quantitatively, such as segmentations and strategic targeting.


Sarah was born and raised in Madison and loves being in the Midwest, except maybe in February/March when the weather isn't all that pleasant.  She has some allegiance to the Northwestern Wildcats, but her time in Madison as a child and then earning her MBA from the UW solidified her Badger-fan status.  She is kept busy with her husband and 3 girls, and enjoys spending time watching sports (college and kid-focused), reading, and traveling with her family.